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America's  Future  Public  Enemy  Number  One---King James Bible Preacher!!
1.   The soul winner asked them to get down and pray with him and the man and his wife got up surprised that they had been saved without even intending to do so.

2.   Expect to hear that someone was saved at the age of one year old.

3.   Someone has been saved five times.

4.   They never had made a profession of faith in Christ as Saviour, but had a death experience and went to heaven, saw Jesus and loved ones, and were forced to return.

5.   Saw Jesus the other night at the foot of their bed.

6.    Spoke in other languages under the influence of the Holy Spirit, but had to go to language school when sent to a foreign country as a missionary.

7.    Regardless of how the Bible describes Jesus, one fellow saw him and said he was fifty feet tall.

8.    Thousands won to Christ last year and yet church attendance in the church that made the claim is just about the same as it was before.

9.    The person who refuses to drink milk because when you milk the cow you persecute her.

10.   Preacher who says that if two Christians commit adultery with each other, there is no sin committed, since if you place two clean sheets on a bed neither one of them can get the other dirty.